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Did You Know?

Teens and young adults should visit a doctor at least once a year even if they look and feel healthy.

Connecting to health care can help a young man’s health now and in the future.

Teens say that parents and mentors – not peers, not partners, not popular culture – most influence their decisions about relationships and sex.

You are a key person for a young man to learn information about to take care of his health.

To the right are resource that we share with young men that can help you help them learn about their health. For resources just for you, look at the items under Parents/Caring Adults.


Resources for Parents/ Caring Adults

Parent Health Care Guide

Download the latest edition of the guide.

Resources for Youth

What to expect at my doctor’s visit?

What happens during your doctor visit depends on why you are there. There are standard things that happen during a doctor visit.

What is sexual & reproductive health?

Sexual and reproductive health and health care is a right for all persons.

What is minor consent?

It is the law in Maryland that a minor can consent for themselves for specific health care services without needing permission from their parent or guardian.

What is confidential care?

At the doctor’s office, information about you is kept private. Only you and your doctor, nurse and other members of the clinic’s staff will know what happened during your visit.

What are my rights & responsibilities as a patient?

When you visit a doctor, there are certain rights you should expect as a patient. But you also have responsibilities as patient.

Steps to make a doctor’s appointment

Locate, know, call. Here are some tips to make a doctor's appointment and be prepared.

How can a doctor help you?

For your sexual & reproductive health, a doctor or health care provider can help you in these ways.

Questions to ask the doctor

You can learn a lot by asking the doctor questions. Here are some sample questions you can ask your doctor.

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